Computer technology will be used on most Ritter Consulting Engineers jobs in order to provide the ultimate benefit to its clients. All project specifications are custom written using a comprehensive computer library. Plans are likewise produced using computer-aided design and drafting. Ultimately, all work is given personal attention to maintain the highest possible quality control.

In addition to the use of computer software in the production of plans and specifications, computer programs are used for energy conservation analysis of projects. Moreover, Ritter Consulting Engineers has the inhouse capability to run complex energy analysis programs for specific assignments.

A complete library of building codes is also maintained. The library includes the International Building Code, International Plumbing Code, International Mechanical Code, International Fire Code, International Residential Code, Standard Building Code, Standard Plumbing Code, Standard Mechanical Code, Standard Gas Code, New Orleans Building Code, State Sanitary Code and on-line subscription to the National Fire Protection Association Codes. The code library is available for client use. In addition to a code library, a complete library of mechanical reference books and mechanical product catalogs are maintained.