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Our Projects

Through the past years Ritter Consulting Engineers has exhibited competence in all areas of mechanical consulting, asbestos, indoor air quality and lead paint services. The following partial list of projects presents a sampling of the various types of facilities the firm has been involved with as consulting engineers.


Featured Projects

Lake Area High School

New Orleans, LA

This is a new high school for New Orleans as part of the Recovery School District System. It is a high technology based school located at Paris Avenue and Burbank Street in New Orleans. The project is expected to attain a LEED Silver certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. The school is being built for a cost of $36 million dollars.

Chiller Replacement at Delgado Community College

New Orleans, LA

The Delgado Community College experienced severe damage to the campus Central Utilities Plant. This required the replacement of a 1000 ton air conditioning chiller with a 1200 ton chiller with an energy consumption of approximately 65% less than the removed chiller. This is the first phase of work to be done in the Central Utilities Plant to repair and upgrade the services provided by the Central Utilities Plant. When the phases are completed, the plant will have had three (3) chillers replaced with two (2) chillers, high temperature boilers removed and an electrical system upgraded.

Filmore Park Apartments

New Orleans, LA

This project replaced an apartment complex in an area that was flooded by 7 to 9 feet of water in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The new apartments are located in a vicinity flooded with 8 to 9 feet of water, requiring that the apartments be raised approximately five (5) feet to meet FEMA elevation requirements for buildings in flooded areas. There are approximately 250 units in this complex that comprise an entire city block.

Berwick Borrow Canal Pump Station

Patterson, LA

This project required the design of a natural gas supply line from a natural gas company high-pressure gas line to the pumping station. It also entailed the design of the interior gas piping system, specification of the natural gas engines, right angle drive and the pumps along with the building ventilation system. The pump station had three (3) 60 inch pumps with a capacity of approximately 225,000 GPM each to provide flood protection for the Patterson, Bayou Vista and Berwick, Louisiana area.

Additions to Pine Prairie Correctional Facility

Pine Prairie, LA

This project was a 400-bed addition to the existing facility owned by the Louisiana Correctional Systems, Inc. that will bring the total capacity of the facility to 1000 beds. This project required the replacement of the existing chilled water air conditioning plant, the sanitary sewer treatment system and the construction of a new domestic water well system to treat and supply water to this facility. This facility was built on a fast tract schedule to receive federal prisoners within 6 – 8 months after the start of construction.

Sts. Peter and Paul School

Scott, LA

This is a new elementary school for the Sts. Peter and Paul Church Parish in Scott, Louisiana. The school will serve grades K through 8. It was designed to be energy efficient and economically constructed. Each classroom has individual temperature controls, and uses a classroom type package air conditioning unit designed to supply the amount of outside air to comply with current ASHRAE indoor air quality standards and codes.