Ritter Consulting Engineers


Aerial Photography & Videography

Ritter Consulting Engineers is a quality provider of drone services capturing high-resolution aerial photos and videos for residential and commercial real estate, construction, and facility documentation. One of our FAA UAS licensed** drone pilots will capture video and still imagery of your entire facility, enabling you to view and display your assets from a unique perspective. 

3D Imaging

Our team has extensive experience capturing 3D imagery of single and multi-structure sites. Through our partnership with Matterport™, Ritter Consulting Engineers has the capability to digitally document your assets’ interior and exterior including sites, structures, and facilities by creating a “digital twin”. This digital twin is a photorealistic 3D model of your facility that you can move through and view on your device screen as if you were there in person. 

The 3D model enables you, the client, to ‘walk’ through a facility using the web browser on your internet-connected device. You have the option of viewing with or without a VR headset, eliminating the need for investment in specialized equipment. This is much more than a mere digital approximation of your building, it is an exact copy of all visual details of the building and its contents.

The combination of our drone footage and 3D Matterport™ imagery will give you a complete picture of your facilities and allow you to utilize them like never before.

Contact us for a demonstration and more information to see how we can make this technology work for you.