Ritter Consulting Engineers

Project Designs

The firm has vast experience covering a wide range of project designs from residential to commercial applications. Working with architectural firms as well as owners and contractors, Ritter Consulting strives to provide a finished product that incorporates energy efficiency and an aesthetically pleasing and functional design. All work is accomplished through the latest in design and drafting software. Some examples of our work include:

• Large Central/District Utilities Plants serving multiple buildings
• Ventilation and Mechanical Systems for Large Standby Generators
• Healthcare facilities including hospital patient rooms, emergency room, surgery rooms,
nursing homes, and other specialized healthcare facilities
• Design of Schools (including Elementary Schools through Universities)
• Commercial Office Buildings
• Churches
• Prisons
• Banks
• Gaming Facilities
• Energy Management and Temperature Controls
• Energy Analysis
• Building Energy Usage Calculations and Energy Optimization
• Building Commissioning
• Building LEEDS certification